We are global music distribution  for selected
artists, labels, bands, orchestras, producers etc.

You can release your music under your name as an
artist, band, orchestra etc.,
or as label, studio, production house etc. 

Earn 80% or more of royalties
depending on size of your catalog

Keep 100% of all your rights

Monetize and collect royalties worldwide from
SoundCloud, Facebook/Instagram, Tik Tok.

Release as much as you want (no limit), whenever you want.

Add contributors and credits, add your tracks and genres.

Choose your own track order, release date,
distribution territories and freely select delivery channels.

Split payments with your collaborators automatically.

Assign a percentage of royalties to easily share earnings with
collaborators in your release and automatically make payments.

Monetize your assets on
Facebook, Instagram and TikTok

Register your music with YouTube Content ID
to automatically collect money - worldwide!

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